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As the world's most famous and authoritative CBN high-tech enterprise, Funik Ultrahard Materials Co., Ltd. keeps its core competence by hiring talents and innovating continuously. Funik has set up provincial R&D centers and academician workstation. Engineering Technology Research Center of Cubic Boron Nitride and its Products:

In 2007, Funik set up the only provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Cubic Boron Nitride and its Products. The center has kinds of advanced equipments for experiments and testing. Funik has a R&D team consists of outstanding doctors and masters who are responsible for R&D of new CBN and related products. Funik developed and launched FBN polycrystalline CBN cutting tool series and FBS superior hybrid welding cutting tool series. These products have been widely used in metallurgy, automobile, mining equipment, rail transportation, wind power and many other industries.

Academician Workstation of Cubic Boron Nitride and its Products

In 2010, to implement national strategy of building an innovative country, to optimize  talented team, to improve innovation ability and to accelerate the development of Chinese super-hard materials and products, Funik set up a joint Academician Workstation of Cubic Boron Nitride and its Products with Engineering Technology Research Center of Cubic Boron Nitride and its Products of Henan and the team of academician Lu Bingheng of Rapid Manufacturing National Engineering Research Center of Xi'an Jiaotong University。 Funik and its partners have established a close information sharing mechanism of Industry-University-Research and exchange information about academics, technology research and development, marketing and personnel training timely。 By establishing academician workstation, Funik obtains excellent scientific support to advance in emerging fields such as new energy vehicles, promotes further development of CBN and its products ,and creates huge economic and social benefits。

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